Project: Web-To-Print solution

The brief

We’re proud to work with many well-known retailers, creating a variety of print solutions to help support their promotional sales activity. The client is one of the UK’s largest independent travel agents with 70 high street branches. Their challenge was to find a solution that made it easy for each branch to order bespoke print materials directly. In turn, this would save their Central Marketing Team considerable time, as they were previously processing individual branch requests.

How we helped

This job requirement was a great opportunity for our team to demonstrate the speed and flexibility of our equipment, our people and the power of the Xerox-based web-to-print software. 
We created a dedicated online portal for, which enabled their individual branches to search, personalise and place orders for store support materials, such as posters, banners and shelf-edge messaging. We then fulfilled the orders instantly upon receipt and dispatched next-day.
Easy to use , the web-to-print solution significantly reduced time, effort and cost.

Ultimately, our aim is to make everything as easy as possible for you.

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